The core of Hotel MSSNGR: What‘s going on in your hotel?

Hotel MSSNGR is the tool to display all relevant hotel information to the guests. They don’t need to search for information, it’s right there on the mobile device or on one of our 8 Communication Channels. Let your guests decide, where, when and how they want to read about what happens on and off site and what‘s of interest to them.

The hotel‘s information

This is where you show your guests everything you have to offer. All of your hotel information is displayed here. We often describe the hotel’s MSSNGR information tool as an empty bookshelf – which you can fill with everything that is relevant to our guests. The content is yours – we just provide the tool. Hotel MSSNGR can handle any file format. You can easily add existing websites by just adding URLs or show PDFs, videos, audio files and images.

What's happening?

Your team goes to great lengths to create the daily list of activities for your guests. Hotel MSSNGR provides the tools to communicate with them. Describe your offers in text, videos, images. Use web links to quickly add content, phone numbers, email addresses and geo map locations to provide contact information. With Hotel MSSNGR you are always up to date and your offers are filterable by interests. In addition, make your activities bookable immediately and display them in real time on any of the Hotel MSSNGR communication channels.

Do you speak my language?

Hotel MSSNGR supports an unlimited number of languages. Present your communication content in the best possible way by offering content in your guests’ native languages. Our apps automatically detect the phone language and adapt the displayed content accordingly. And if you miss a translation, a default language will appear.

What's the weather like?

The weather is important to all of us. Even more when we are on vacation. Hotel MSSNGR’s weather forecast gives your guests the guidance they need to choose the activity they want to do. Very easy, very valuable.

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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