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Hotel MSSNGR is a truly easy to use tool. Our goal is to help you on whatever your guest communication strategy is. We are neither focused on specific touch points to your quest nor on services or content. You decide – and we help you on this mission.

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8 Guest Communication Channels

Discover what our 8 communication channels can do for you. Hotel MSSNGR’s modular approach enables you to choose the channels that best suit your hotel and your guests. Channels can be added or removed at any time. Regardless of your choice, we will greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of all staff involved in guest communication.

Onsite Sales - Generate onsite revenue larger than €1,500 per guest and stay*

In 2020, our clients generated over €1500 onsite revenue per guest per stay* through Hotel MSSNGR. Hotel guests booked restaurant tables, SPA appointments, sports courts, ordered room service or participated in activities, reserved beach chairs and many other services in and outside the hotel.

Our clients benefit significantly from Hotel MSSNGR’s cloud-based booking engines. They are efficient and simplify the process.

Communicate more with less effort

Proven: Hotel MSSNGR saves up to 2 days of the staff’s weekly time for guest communication.

The integrated product architecture of Hotel MSSNGR solves a dilemma that was previously widespread in many hotels. The increase in the level of service and the guest experience has usually been accompanied by an increase in staff and resources.

In order to benefit from improved guest satisfaction by offering additional and innovative guest communication channels, hotels usually had to assign more staff for these tasks.

Hotel MSSNGR is different and solves this dilemma. With Hotel MSSNGR you can offer up to eight innovative guest touch points and at the same time significantly reduce the daily work load of your team on guest communication. So you and your team can focus more on what’s really important: Your guests!

Deeply understand what your guests are doing

Hotel MSSNGR’s analytics toolbox reveals deep, valuable and actionable insights into your guest’s behavior

To be honest, the guest’s behavior during her onsite stay is a black box. Of course, you know that the guest checked in and that they checked out. You can review her folios to interpret interests and demands. This is rather peanuts compared to the behavioral data derived from a user on your website. Hotel MSSNGR closes the gap between knowing possible everything about a potential guest before arriving at your property and knowing almost nothing while she is on-site. Hotel MSSNGR’s analytics tool enables your team to get insights on the guest’s behavior onsite by collecting and analyzing her behavior across all Hotel MSSNGR touch points. And we can even track physical movement patterns, too – of course all that well within GDPR guidelines.

Hotel MSSNGR free forever

Our most popular communication channels – entirely free! Forever!
Hotel MSSNGR is the 5* guest communication solution. Many of the leading resorts and hotels worldwide run on Hotel MSSNGR. Our entry range of our free extralight products we invite also smaller hotels and vacation apartments to benefit from Hotel MSSNGR’s outstanding capabilities – entirely free forever! Chose from our four most popular communication channels free of charge and start delivering 5* guest communication to your guests today. And if your property demands more feature feel free to upgrade to our light products at unmatched pricing! Hotel MSSNGR fits every communication need in every property.

How to integrate

Super fast vs. Turn-Key vs. Individual
Again Hotel MSSNGR gives you the choice because you know best. When it comes to integration third party services like PMS, CRM, website or newsletter engines most important is which services you expect a guest to perform through your Hotel MSSNGR native apps, web app or our digital signage or smart TV service.

After having answered this question, let us guide you by offering different depths of integration. This structured approach will secure an unparalleled guest experience while keeping processes for your team super efficient. Again the Hotel MSSNGR approach. Which type of integration do you prefer?

Hotel MSSNGR supports guest communication along the entire journey!

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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