Proven: Hotel MSSNGR saves up to 2 days of the staff’s weekly time for guest communication.

The integrated product architecture of Hotel MSSNGR solves a dilemma that was previously widespread in many hotels. The increase in the level of service and the guest experience has usually been accompanied by an increase in staff and resources.

In order to benefit from improved guest satisfaction by offering additional and innovative guest communication channels, hotels usually had to assign more staff for these tasks.

Hotel MSSNGR is different and solves this dilemma. With Hotel MSSNGR you can offer up to eight innovative guest touch points and at the same time significantly reduce the daily work load of your team on guest communication. So you and your team can focus more on what’s really important: Your guests!

Simple to understand and easy to use

Hotel MSSNGR is here to help you and your team. Software that requires intensive onboarding and is complex to use is the opposite of what we believe. Because of this, Hotel MSSNGR is very easy for your team to use. Several language options support non-locals. State-of-the-art onsite support and product tours get everyone onboarded in minutes, not hours. And if necessary, there are also people who help.

Recurrence rules

Tired of entering recurring events over and over again? Stop! Hotel MSSNGR’s recurrence rules take this burden by allowing auto-rules to be set for all types of recurrences. Time limits, deadlines, exceptions, multi-recurrences – Hotel MSSNGR can handle it all and saves tons of work!

Online library

A key part of Hotel MSSNGR is it’s online image and photo library. It saves time as there is no need to upload related images when entering content. It ensures quality as the images and photos can first be set up to form the pool for media. They can then be taken when entering new content. It saves bandwidth for remote locations as images are already online and just need to be selected rather than uploaded form the local desktop.


Hotel MSSNGR’s templates are the counterpart to our online image library. The head office or the hotel management can set up text templates that are used again and again when creating new content. Easily ensure quality and save valuable time for your team.

Graphics QA built right within

In addition to the content, the graphics are key for the perceived value of your guest communication. However, customizing graphics for your various guest communication channels is a time consuming task. Hotel MSSNGR will take care of this for you. By ensuring a perfect UX for each output channel, your team can focus on content creation and, more importantly, leave the desk and focus on working directly with guests.

Cloud based

Hotel MSSNGR is cloud based (as any modern software probably should be). No local installations. No updates. A browser based website is your CMS. Accessible from anywhere in the world. No backups required. As with all modern software as a service products (SaaS) we take care of all the nasty software admin tasks. Tell your IT department and they will answer with a smile.

Team effort

Entering data into the Hotel MSSNGR Data Management Hub is easy. Each department enters their guest info directly into our web based single entry CMS. Templates, forms, fields and recurrence rules avoid duplication. Needless to say, the feedback from the staff on our content hub has been overwhelming.

Team effortSingle source of data

One of our key principle to save you tons of work, specifically up to 2 days of your team’s weekly time on admin for guest communication. No more repetitive entering of identical content in different content management systems for different communication channels. ENTER ALL DATA ONLY ONCE. It’s that simple. Hotel MSSNGR will then adapt and distribute the content in real time to all of your communication channels.

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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